Happy Birthday Girly!

I have been able to watch this precious girly grow this year.  Her daddy brought her in for her appointment while she was sleeping and she was just so precious in his arms.  I appreciated the few moments I had to chat with him and then he was gracious enough to lay her in my chair and allow me to start “photoing” her….

She was wearing this AMAZING sweater that grandma had made for her and under that she had a precious shirt from her other grandma for Valentine’s day.  What a loved child!

And check out the smile!!!  Enjoy!


Family Photography {Wenatchee Photography}

This family is IMPRESSIVE!  I must admit – when I first hear “4 kids” I start thinking that this could be difficult and overwhelming but these kids are not your average – wow – talk about well behaved!  Nice job mom and dad!



so happy with mama….

Newborn Boy {Wenatchee Baby Photography}

What fantastic parents!  This little man was definitely born under a lucky star!

It started from the first phone call of booking the appointment – my employee hung up and said “I don’t ever think I’ve heard anyone sound more proud and excited to have a new baby”.  Then arriving for their appointment they were beyond gracious to wait a few extra moments to be sure the room was toasty warm for baby to be comfortable for his session.

Even as new parents they were gracious to share their baby with me and let me love on him while he fell asleep.

The pictures speak for themselves – just such a lovely family unit!  I will really look forward to watching this baby grow.

Typically I don’t post this many photos in a blog entry – but the family is all in the southeast and haven’t seen this precious little man yet in person so I wanted them to have a few extra pictures to really feast on while they imagine what he must be like in person.  He is just perfect.  Seriously!


And this next one I just love….

Dad couldn’t be more proud (or easy going! )…

…and this mom is beyond gorgeous.  Seriously!  Who looks like this the moment after giving birth?

…and the session isn’t quite complete without at least one basket shot….

Thanks again for sharing your new little love with me!

Wall Portraits {Wenatchee Photographer}

I met this family last year when mom needed a Christmas photo.  This time she made the appointment to get her youngest child’s photos done.  There is a space on her wall with photos of the other two kids from a previous time so I got to focus on just this one little one.

He is a livewire and as cute as a button!  Certainly will smote a few ladies with these killer eyes when he grows up.

These were done at their house to be sure this little guy was comfortable with his surroundings – I couldn’t have asked for better light from their windows – and speaking of houses – this is a new house that they built  it is beyond lovely!  And mom has such a great sense of style – everything in perfect colors!  Wow!


Newborn Girl {Wenatchee Photographer}

This little girl was so anxious to meet her mama that she came several weeks early!  The timing coudn’t have been better!  I got to meet her and take photos only 1 day before my husband and I left for a Mexico vacation to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!

This blog post is over a week late because our trip – so thanks for your patience!

She has more hair then most newborns – so lucky!  Mama gets to play with hair pretties already!

Grandma made this fantastic set!

Cousins {Wenatchee children’s photography}

Another family to look forward to – this was another photo session donated to a community project to raise money for a  worthy event.  So again – a fantastic family to work with!

Without doubt we picked the coldest fall morning in Wenatchee to meet outdoors but the children were very tolerant and seemed to have a great time – and these are perfect photos to cherish for years!

We tried to be creative because the baby wasn’t too keen on looking where I told him to.   Ha ha!  Imagine that!

In overhearing bits and pieces of the morning events it sounds like it was a rough morning with the baby getting his clothes wet and I just really appreciated their tenacity to still make it all work and arrive on time.  In honor of that –  here is a precious pic of just the boy!

And a few to just love – I can imagine a big canvas of this up on the wall at grandma’s house!

It was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope the wind blows you back to Wenatchee often to visit!


Fall Family Photos {Wenatchee Family Photography}

I knew without a doubt this would be an amazing family because they bought this photo package at a charity auction.  Those are always my favourite shoots because I already have an inkling of what kind of a family I get to work with.

This mom is impeccably stylish.  She looked fantastic.  In addition to that – the way she treated her kids and spoke to her family was just gentle and sweet.  Very impressed.

It is typical that family photos are typically 90% mom effort and 10% dad effort.  I always appreciate a dad who is a good sport though and this dad was no exception – quickly helping to adjust the distractions in our location and hands on helpful with the kids.

Thanks for your patience with waiting for the sneak peek – here it is!

3yr old {Wenatchee Photography}

I have driven by this yard a million times and just soaked in the artistry of the year.  It is a park!  Imagine my surprise to find out who owned this amazing house and yard – and to be given permission to photograph here!

This precious little girly came with a fantastic wardrobe, blond curls and a grandma and mom who she has wrapped around her fingers.  She is very loved!



Family photography {Wenatchee Photography}

This mom knew exactly what she wanted – a family picture similar to the one I took last year so her walls will show the growth of her kids in a similar location – I love it!  Since we weren’t doing any individuals we set up a mini session just to capture this one specific shot.  It was in the alley way behind my store – and I was out there 3 different times the hour prior asking cars to move.

SIDE NOTE:  There are NO PARKING signs the complete length of the alley!  Don’t park there.  At any rate – I couldnt’ find the owner of the black pickup who had extended his 15 minute unloading courtesy stay by 2 hours!  So I had to position mom and dad in front of it to block it – so the posing ended up being a little different then I thought it would be in my mind – but I LOVE what we got.

What a pleasure to see this family again and hang out – and to meet dad for the first time.  This mom looks CRAZY FANTASTIC for having such a young child!

I’m starting with a photo she will never buy but I love it just because it is so real life.  I had mom and dad kissing in the background and brother and sister posing and smiling NO MATTER WHAT and I just needed one little smile from baby girly….. after about 10 frames and me tell them to “KEEP KISSING” they finally came up for air – with a good laugh and this is what I got….

Again  – I have to say – this family is so NICE.  The kids are so respectful to each other and little girly is certainly well loved.  I have some darling shots of her interacting with brother and sister and it is just precious!  This next shot is a keeper  – I love it!

and then we went inside for a quick studio portrait….

… and then I went back outside to grab my photography bench and someone had STOLEN IT!  Yes – it is gone.  So if you know of anyone who just “found” a little bench with tassels and gold and cream colored upholstery – it is MINE.  I am so bummed!  But my dismay turned to smiles as I peeked at these photos on my camera – so worth every little moment – what a beautiful family!