4mth baby photos {Wenatchee baby photography}

First off – I can’t brag about this mom enough.  She was SO GRACIOUS when I had messed up on our appointment time.  Truly – I felt just terrible and she was beyond lovely about it so thank you very much!

Secondly – this age of baby is the toughest for me to photograph so when the mom and I talked on the phone I discouraged her from coming and encouraged her to wait until the baby was sitting.  The only time I will agree to do this age of baby is if professional newborn photos were missed – and in this case they were.  The reason for that is that the baby still looks similar to newborn stages and because photography is an investment I encourage parents to wait until we are more into the next stage to be sure your walls reflect the baby’s different stages.  But if you have missed newborn photos then the sooner you get them in the better before they are sitting.  Once they sit we are well into the next stage.

Anyway – this baby was a DREAM BABY.  Not only is she just so darn cute but she was in such a good mood.  She is obviously in love with her mama because mom could pull a smile out of her in 2 seconds and it made this shoot so easy!

I hope you love the photos we got!


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