Newborn Boy {Wenatchee Baby Photography}

What fantastic parents!  This little man was definitely born under a lucky star!

It started from the first phone call of booking the appointment – my employee hung up and said “I don’t ever think I’ve heard anyone sound more proud and excited to have a new baby”.  Then arriving for their appointment they were beyond gracious to wait a few extra moments to be sure the room was toasty warm for baby to be comfortable for his session.

Even as new parents they were gracious to share their baby with me and let me love on him while he fell asleep.

The pictures speak for themselves – just such a lovely family unit!  I will really look forward to watching this baby grow.

Typically I don’t post this many photos in a blog entry – but the family is all in the southeast and haven’t seen this precious little man yet in person so I wanted them to have a few extra pictures to really feast on while they imagine what he must be like in person.  He is just perfect.  Seriously!


And this next one I just love….

Dad couldn’t be more proud (or easy going! )…

…and this mom is beyond gorgeous.  Seriously!  Who looks like this the moment after giving birth?

…and the session isn’t quite complete without at least one basket shot….

Thanks again for sharing your new little love with me!


4 responses

  1. What a joy to see such beautiful pictures of the newest addition to our family… and his parents!
    Great Aunt Deb & Great Uncle Michael

  2. My new little cousin is adorable. Those pictures are incredible! Mom is always gorgeous, and they are a very sweet couple. Great addition to our family! Enjoy!

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